A Pokémon roleplay set in the oddball Southern Nary region.

Event: Newly discovered Pokémon are lurking around Route One! What are you waiting for, go catch one!
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Marsh Town

The very first town. This is a cheerful little town with parks and benches all over the place. Sometimes festivals and other such things are found going on here, too. The main event is the never-ending abandoned pokémon give-away. There is said to be an underground tunnel currently under construction here… Where it leads, no one knows yet.
Gym Leader: Lucifer
Gym Type: Steel

415Sun Oct 03, 2010 8:18 pm
Kali The Fox and Her Hound.
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Belle City

One of the largest cities around. Found near the very coast of South Nary, there’s a beach here of course! A forest surrounds the outside of the city too. From the port a ship sets sail once every week. That ship leads directly to Alubay Village, across the southern part of the ocean that surrounds Nary. Useful isn't it?
Gym Leader: Sazlo
Gym Type: Water

22Tue May 11, 2010 2:39 pm
Sazlo (Item) Beach
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Mauve Village

The electrifying village of lights. The village is always proud of its light displays. At night this place is full of activities to do. Come to think of it it’s exactly the same during the day! There’s even a lake close to this place too, said to have healing properties… There’s also a festival that goes on here once in a while, so make sure you take part.
Gym Leader: Sven Saya
Gym Type: Electric

11Thu May 06, 2010 6:15 pm
Sven Saya Electroshock fever!
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Rike City

Rike is the perfect place to get your next gym badge. This popular town is located above one of Nary’s hottest volcanoes around! Though the volcano is underground it does have a tendency to erupt every once in a while. There are plenty of hot-springs around, making it one of the best towns for relaxation. There are a few tours around here that lead around the volcano, and even some above it.
Gym Leader:
Gym Type: Fire

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Onitaco Town

Onitaco is an average and rather pleasant town with a large amount of fields and grassy areas around. Perfect for those people out there who like being around in the outdoors. It also has one of the best gyms around. There’s a berry plantation somewhere around here that makes pokeblocks and poffins, too. Cool huh? You betcha! So what’re you waiting for?
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Mobious Village

Mobious is quite an eerie looking town, a lot of darker colours can be found around. Not that it deters people from coming here; in fact normally it draws the people to see what it is. Even if the town is small it probably has the largest population of people; Mobious is quite over-crowded really. There is a gym here located on the top of a hill found within the heart of the village. Seems this whole city is full of psychic types and people who adore that kind of pokémon.
Gym Leader: Kali
Gym Type: Psychic

33Fri May 07, 2010 3:18 pm
Kali Mobious Village Gym
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Soniku City

The largest city in Nary. Anything that flies, this place has it! Everyone knows everyone else and everything gets along fine, there are hardly any disputes around here. Now, Soniku is surrounded by forests, the only problem there is that most of the trees are getting cut down to send off to other places. This isn’t very good since all the flying pokémon here need a place to roost, and tree stumps aren't attractive to tourists. With a little sorting out this place could be brimming once more. The only thing is finding the right person to get this city back to it’s former glory.
Gym Leader:
Gym Type:

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Alubay Village

Home to the eighth Gym you need to defeat. The village is located on the very edge of South Nary, right next to the sea. There is a beach here along with a set of docks. Every week a boat sets out back to Belle City. The village itself is quite a friendly one with many different stories and cultures to it. Life around here probably couldn't get any more laid back than it already is!
Gym Leader:
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