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    Post  Artemis on Thu May 06, 2010 3:59 pm

    Experience from battles is listed here, levels are for each/all pokémon that participated. Below is a list of classes and jobs that you can choose from, with a short description for each and what they get paid each month. You are expected to be honest about adding your salary.

    If you can think of anything that's been missed here, feel free to post or PM one of the co-admins.

    Wild Pokemon Battles

    Win - 1 Level (capturing counts as a win)
    Lose - 0 Level

    Trainer Battles

    Win - 2 Levels and 5,000 P
    Draw - 2 Levels and 2,500 P
    Lose - 1 Level and 1,000 P

    Gym Battles

    Win - 3 Levels
    Draw - 2 Levels
    Lose - 1 Levels

    Gym Leaders should list their chosen winnings in their gym information.

    Class Ranks

    All classes get 5,000 P per month as a basic salary.

    Trainers - Your standard trainer's ambition is to battle as much as they can, beat all the gyms in order to advance to the Elite Four, defeat them, and be honoured in the hall of fame as a Pokémon Champion.

    Breeders - Breeders nurture pokémon, often for several generations of litters, in order to give them a natural advantage in terms of stats and unique movesets. Although their pokémon are breed to be the best in battle, they rarely fight themselves, adopting them out to trainers or keeping them as friendly companions because of their strong bond.

    - Watchers show their love for pokémon through their artwork, from sketches to paintings or photography... Because they believe pokémon should be observed in their natural habitats, watchers generally have very few pokémon, just enough to help them travel distance or get to hard to reach areas, and to protect them. Just in case.

    - The name's pretty self-explanatory. Whether it's Eevee, grass types, or any pokémon that looks like a bird, collectors are out there for one reason and one reason only: to get as many of their favourites as they possibly can.

    Additional Jobs

    Attendants - Workers who help out at the Breeding and Trading Centers just to make sure everything goes smoothly. +5,000 P per month

    Clerks - They sell you things from the local 'Mart. Pretty simple, eh? +5,000 P per month.

    Professors - Researchers, interns, scientists, and similar, they work and sometimes live at the Lab studying pokémon, keeping the computer storage system in order, and giving a beginning pokémon to trainers, etc. +7,500 P per month.

    Nurses - Also straightforward, they are in charge of the PokéCenters and have been trained in doctoring to both people and pokémon. +5,000 P per month.

    Gym Leader (See Note 1) - In each town there is a gym leader. They act as a sort of mayor for the town, hosting events, battling challengers and so on. Their job is to maintain the town they live in and ensure its safety, along with battling pokemon trainers and giving out gym badges. +10,000 P per month

    Elite Four (See Note 2) - Four in total, these are the best of the best, they've fought their way to the top in some sense and are waiting for pokemon trainers who have all eight badges. Defeating them certainly won't be easy, that's for sure! +15,000 P per month


    1 - Some cities have specific types already assigned, remember, and cannot be changed. OPEN.

    2 - You must apply after being a member for at least a month in order to have one of these ranks. CLOSED.

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