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    Electroshock fever!

    Sven Saya
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    Electroshock fever! Empty Electroshock fever!

    Post  Sven Saya on Thu May 06, 2010 6:15 pm

    Perhaps one of the first things you will see once you enter Mauve is the odd looking, rather large set of buildings fixated in the center of town. Three windmill-esque towers jut from the base of the buildings, each rising into the air fifty feet or so off the ground. The base itself is fixed on a higher portion of land then the rest of the town. As such, a smooth black staircase is elevated to take your feet into the center of the towers, where a large, spherical building awaits.

    The dome itself is covered with windows and solar panels that reflect a bluish-white hint when the sun is out. A low hum seems to emanate from the walls and on close inspection, one can actually see the currents of electricity pulsate through small wirings in the black tiled walls. The gym's doors are flanked by two brazen thunderbolts. Each of the statues glow when the automatic doors shift open to admit a new challenger.

    The interior of the gym could not be any different then the monotone black-tiled exterior. Lush, multicolored flowers and green trees as well as various flocks of Pidgey greet the new arrival with a large, bright sun hanging above their heads, almost like a gateway into heaven itself. However, if one were to touch a flower or to try and attempt to capture the Pidgey, they would soon notice that they were merely holographic projections that were fed through the wall through a large central computer that the leader alters to his whim. The only physical things that the projectors can reproduce is wind (fed through the turbines in the windmills.) and water (through the water-recycling system, not used for gym battles of course). The settings of night and day can both be changed, so battling under the stars is a possibility within this gym. A pillar however is always present within the first five feet of entering the gym, displaying the various names of the trainers who have defeated the leader.

    The setting is changeable on request; usually the mood of the leader is indicated by the environment present. If it does not suit you, the leader will change it.

    The gym leader will escort you through the room and take you into a completely different room. This room, however could not be any different than the previous one. It is a completely empty, gray paneled room. However this does not stay constant for long. The gray panels shimmer and melt into the wall turning into a seemingly brand new room. The environment present has little impact on the battle...unless the leader would enjoy scaring the challenger with various illusions. But said illusions are simply for show and have no impact on the battle whatsoever.

    1. Pokemon no higher then level 45 are to be permitted
    2. No items may be used during the battle
    3. Pokémon may be switched out at any time
    4. Single Matches are won when three Pokémon are defeated
    5. Double Battles are won when four Pokémon are defeated

    Electroshock fever! S_magneton
    Ability: Magnet Pull: Traps STEEL-type Pokémon.
    Moveset: Magnet Bomb, Sonicboom, Thunder Wave, Flash Cannon
    Thunderbolt, Metal Sound, Supersonic, Protect.
    Electroshock fever! Jolteon-2
    Sex: Male
    Ability: Volt Absorb. The Pokémon heals up to 1/4 of it’s maximum Hit Points when hit with Electric-type moves.
    Moveset: Agility, Thunderbolt, Pin Missile, Quick Attack,Iron Tail, Light Screen, Mud Slap, Baton Pass

    Electroshock fever! Lanturn
    Level: 42
    Sex: Female
    Ability: Volt Absorb: The Pokémon heals up to 1/4 of it’s maximum Hit Points when hit with Electric-type moves.
    Moveset: Bubblebeam, Flail, Signal Beam, Rain Dance, Confuse Ray, Discharge, Brine, Substitute.

    Electroshock fever! 181_Ampharos
    Sex: Female
    Level: 43
    Ability: Static: The opponent has a 30% chance of being induced with PARALYZE when using an attack, that requires physical contact, against this Pokémon.
    Moveset: Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Swift, Cotton Spore, Brick-Break, Magnet Rise, Reflect, Charge Beam.

    Electroshock fever! Manectric
    Sex: Male
    Level: 44
    Ability: Static: The opponent has a 30% chance of being induced with PARALYZE when using an attack, that requires physical contact, against this Pokémon.
    Moveset: Crunch, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Captivate, Attract, Double Team

    Electroshock fever! Electivire_pbh
    Sex: Male
    Level: 45
    Ability: Motor Drive: The Pokémon takes no damage from Electric-type attacks and Speed raises by one level.
    Moveset: Cross Chop, Thunder Punch, Discharge, Torment, Rock Tomb, Iron Tail, Quick Attack, Ice Punch.

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