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    Sven Saya
    Sven Saya

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    Post  Sven Saya on Thu May 06, 2010 10:33 pm

    Sven is a lanky young man with his height being 5’9” and his weight barely over 150 pounds. He has a very light build, as though the slightest gust would blow him away. His spiky brown hair droops down over his face, however it cannot hide his piercing yellow, cat-like eyes. Sven's preference for clothing tends to be in the darker shades with black and midnight blue being his absolute favorite. A jagged scar is etched down the right side of his face, past his eye and brushes slightly against his cheek. In the right light, it could be considered almost hawklike in appearance.

    Sarcastic in nature with a witty comment in tow for almost every comment directed at him, Sven's boyish humor often leaads him to a world of trouble. Mischief is his life. However, a darker side is present within his youthfulness. Because he awoke with no recollection of what he once was, or who he was, his mind is constantly on the alert for any hints or clues that could lead him in the possible direction to find his true identity. Every single one of his actions always has some sort of purpose, whether it is making a small child laugh or widdling information out of a barkeep. His intentions are usually quite clear, and he usually means well. However, he does tend to hold many grudges and absolutely hates losing, whether it is a battle or a mere game of basketball.

    (Copy-pasted. In need of a major overhaul. Work in progress for tomorrow/the weekend/whenever i have time X_X)

    (Better yet, glance on my profile :3)

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    Post  Artemis on Fri Sep 10, 2010 9:09 pm

    Please edit your thread title to show your character name first, if you wouldn't mind.

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