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    Post  Zeva on Fri May 07, 2010 3:34 am

    Name : Zeva

    Age : 20

    Gender : Female

    Class : Watcher

    Appearance :
    Zeva is 5'6" tall, and she's proud of it. She has long, wavy blonde hair that reaches just to the bottom of her shoulder blades, which is almost always down, and seems to always get in the way of her face when she's talking with someone. Her eyes are probably the feature she is most proud of. The reason being is because one is a very light blue, and the other is an equally light shade of green. Her skin is a slightly more pale than normal, though she rarely ever burns.

    Personality :
    Because of her looks, she is often mistaken for the "Ditzy blondes" people always make fun of. She is quite the opposite. She can be very smart when she wants to be, and has rare lapses in her common sense. She gets very angry when someone assumes that she is not smart. Other than that, she's more likely to keep to herself, though when the opprotunity arises.

    She has a dark side that comes out every now and then. When said personality arises, she becomes almost a completely different person, almost like she has split personality disorder. She becomes very short fused, she takes offence to most of what is said to her, and she can be quite sadistic if let to her own devices.

    Though she keeps a tight rein on her emotions, she sometimes loses control.

    History :
    Zeva grew up in an almost perfect house hold. She had a brother that was only 2 years younger than her, and a sister that was 5 years her senior. They always got along, rarely ever did fights break out amongst them.

    Her parents were wealthy, so they spoiled their children with whatever they wanted. Everyone was happy.

    Until something happened one night. Everyone was asleep when Zeva came down from her bedroom. She was trying to go down the stairs as quiet as possible, but she suddenly missed a step about 8 steps to the bottom. Everyone heard her hit the floor, and they all came to see what had happened. Her brother was the first to see her. She was sprawled out on the floor with some blood covering the white laminate floor.

    Her mother reached the bottom of the steps just as her brother had started screaming. Her mother covered the eyes of her brother and turned around, trying to shield him from the scene. Her father quickly rushed down to Zeva and looked over her body. Her sister held her composure and quickly went to call the hospital.

    The ambulance got there quickly, and her father went with her in it, the rest of the family following behind in their car. They arrived at the hospital quickly, and just as she got into the Emergency Room, her heart stopped.

    Suddenly, as soon as her heart stopped, Zeva could see nothing but a bright white light. She tried to shield her eyes and looks to see if anyone was there. A shadow of a person appeared, and she asked who it was. It didn't say anything it just walked towards her.

    She could tell that it wasn't anything good, so she turned and tried to run. She noticed that she was unable to run, and looked down at her legs. They were bound by something completely black. She started to panic and looked behind her. The shadow was suddenly directly in front of her. She could see two glowing slots where eyes would normally be. She started to shake in fear and the shadow brushed its hand across her face. It told her that everything was going to be okay.

    Suddenly, the shadow completely disappeared. She then opened her eyes to see that she was laying in a bed, surrounded by her family. Apparently, the shadow forgot to mention that she had been in a coma for three weeks.

    When she woke up, she could tell something was different about her. Her face suddenly felt very cold where the shadow had touched her. She looked around at her family, smiling with tears in their eyes. She knew she was supposed to feel something for them, though she didn't.

    They all went home the next day, and everything went along just like it had before her accident. That is, it was normal until something happened two months later.

    She started to get angry more easliy, and got into frequent fights with her siblings. The fights started out with arguements, but then escalated to the point of sending her younger brother to the hospital.

    She was taken to the local juvenile retention center, but was soon released for reasons unknown to her. She recieved a letter from someone from a place called Nary. She was told she could have a fresh start there, so she left as quickly as she possibly could. She wanted out, and she had a way. Now, to only figure out what exactly it was she had to do there.

    Other :
    Zeva has absolutely no idea what a pokemon is, she was raised around an area that had none.

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    Post  Zeva on Fri May 07, 2010 3:36 am




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    Post  Zeva on Fri May 07, 2010 3:41 am


    Key Items :
    1x Pokédex - Any Color - Contains all information on every Pokémon ever seen in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh.

    1x Poke Navigator (PokéNav) - Any Color

    1x PokéGear - Any Color - A phone in it, with a CD player (can have up to 5 CDs)

    1x Nary World Map - A detailed map of Nary

    1x Badge Case - Any Color - A case to hold your Gym Badges in, and also a second compartment for Ribbons

    1x Two-geared Bicycle - First is a steady pace for maneuvering, the second is made for speed but harder to steer

    1x Item Finder - A machine that helps find items dropped on the ground

    1x Metal Detector - A machine designed to detect metallic objects underground and can also be used to find steel Pokémon

    1x PokéBall Belt - A belt designed to hold a maximum of 6 Pokémon

    1x Trainer Card - An ID card made specifically for each trainer. Holding a personal ID Number and other useful information

    1x Pokémon Watch (Pokétch) - With all the Poké-addons you can possibly imagine! From the berry tracker to the notepad

    1x Pokéchow, Pokéblock and Poffin case - Holds all the kinds of food your Pokémon could want

    Money :
    3,000x PokéDollars (P) - Money!

    Pokéball Pocket :
    5x PokéBalls - Used to catch Pokémon

    5x Level Up Balls - Levels the Pokémon you catch in this PokéBall by 1 level, also levels the Pokémon when/if it evolves. (A level 7 Totodile caught in this ball would become level 8, when it evolves to Croconaw at level 16 it would become level 17)

    Items :
    5x Rare Candies - Level Up a Pokémon by 1 Level

    5x Potions - Heal Pokémon by a small amount of HP and can be used on humans

    1x Dusk Stone

    1x Fire Stone

    10x Berries - Plain berries. These heal a small amount of your Pokémon's health

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    Post  Artemis on Fri Sep 10, 2010 9:06 pm

    Please edit your thread title to show your character name first as mentioned in the Logs & Journals sticky note.

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