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    Post  Kali on Fri May 07, 2010 3:15 pm

    A smaller hill near the gym is devoid of anything besides cherry trees. There's a number of colors and styles and they coat the hill, making it a bright patch against a much darker town. Given it's a town of psychics, it's not really surprising that the trees are forever in-bloom and lack any sort dead leaves or illnesses that plague regular trees. At the very top of the hill is a strange little tree, perhaps only about 10 feet high. Beside it is a little lawn chair, where an old woman in a wide sunhat stretches out. Besides her an Alakazam tinkers away on his latest contraption.

    She's known to the town as Old Woman Sarah, and well, she likes it.

    Her tree is a special one, with little fake, red cherries hanging all over the tree. The identical decorations are made of cloth with a squishy cotton interior. Pick one, and be reward with a special prize! Sarah doesn't like to be bothered, so it's best only to come every once in a while. These services aren't free, of course! She'll happily accept 200p before giving you your reward.

    The Prizes:
    White Cotton: Tiiiiiny Prizes
    100p, tiny pokedoll, 1 berry

    Red Cotton: Small Prizes
    500p, small pokedoll, 2 berries, Level 5 Random Pokemon, 1 Empty pokeball, Potion

    Pink Cotton: Medium Prizes
    1,000p, medium pokedoll, 3 berries, Level 15 Random Pokemon, TM, 3 Empty Pokeballs, Super Potion

    Yellow Cotton: Large Prizes
    10,000p, large pokedoll, 5 berries, Level 25 Random pokemon, 2 TMs, HM, 5 Empty Pokeballs, Hyper Potion

    Green Cotton: Mystery Prizes
    These are a mystery! We can't tell you them here! Mad

    Black Cotton: Random Prizes
    These prizes can come from any of the above categories except Mystery!

    I use a random number generator to pick the color cotton and prize. Legendary pokemon cannot be obtained here, sorry. ): When you get a color, you will be randomly given one of the items listed below it.
    Post on this board to participate.
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