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    Post  Kali on Fri May 07, 2010 3:17 pm

    A bright colored board with the above banner was tacked to a cherry tree just outside the Mobious Gym. Across the top of the large board were the words-

    Event's going on in Mobious!

    The weather will be somewhat rainy, but otherwise it's looking like a fine week.

    Weather Institute

    The Cherry Tree is up and running! Pay a visit to me and get the chance to earn a fabulous prize!

    Old Woman Sarah

    Spring Fling!
    Given the influx of people arriving in Nary, Kali has opened up the gym hall for a fair!
    Various items will be available for purchase earlier in the day, and a few psychic pokemon will be given away!
    In the evening, join us at the gym for a night of alcohol (this word appears to be crossed out and replaced with the word "FUN") dancing, and getting to know your fellow Narians!

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