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    Shaiya MMORPG Empty Shaiya MMORPG

    Post  Artemis on Sat May 08, 2010 3:15 am

    Shaiya website

    I'm not good at promoting games, so bear with me. Shaiya's setting is a giant faction war between the dark and light alliances, but it's quite easy to not participate in the PvP events and avoid the war areas if you just want to run around fighting mobs and doing quests, and there's no penalty for not participating -- heck, if you don't you still get the Bless of Goddess bonus when your side wins even ;)

    The most awesome part for me: Shaiya has really reasonable levelling, in my opinion. There is no painfully frustrating grinding on Normal mode, which is what you have to start as anyway (Hard mode has to be unlocked with a Level 40 Normal; they're stronger, but require more exp per level).

    The classes are pretty standard. You've got clerics, mages, fighters, defenders, archers, and assassins (or whatever name they all go by on the other alliance). There's a light/dark equivalent for all of them, so don't feel like you have to pick an alliance just to get the class you want. There are only three classes to a race though, with two races per alliance: Humans and Elves on the light side, and, er, the Nordein/Deatheaters and the Vail on the dark side, which are basically bodybuilder humans and blue elves.

    If you want to check it out, Saz and I both play, and I'm happy to help party level anybody new. You can find me as listed below. Oh, and pick normal mode when you make your character.

    Server: Teos
    Alliance: Light
    Name: LaShaniqua
    Class: Mage
    Level: 21 or 22

    Server: Lailah
    Alliance: Dark
    Name: Shanaynay
    Class: Hunter
    Level: 18

    If enough people join, we could end up with a Nary guild xD I'll let Saz post his own :P

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    Shaiya MMORPG Empty Re: Shaiya MMORPG

    Post  Sazlo on Sat May 08, 2010 3:26 am

    I play too ^^ And I've actually found a lot of fun in this game, and I can helps with the party leveling too -nodnod- I has technically two characters right now, but I don't remember which server one of them is on >.>

    Server: Lailah
    Alliance: Dark
    Name: Sazlo
    Class: Pagan (Mage)
    Level: 11

    And actually, it's not all that hard to level. I mean, Art and I only played for about 3 hours and I went up 10 levels... Can't be all that hard at higher levels in a party ^^

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