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    Post  Lucifer on Sat May 08, 2010 3:18 am

    Situated on the opposite side of town from the gym is Des Jardins. As if attempting to contrast the industrialized building, the large open garden hasn't a lick of a metal anywhere in sight, except for the occasional nail holding wooden planks together. It is cordoned off not with rope or fence posts but with a four-foot-tall hedge around the entire perimeter, with frequent openings to allow visitors to pass through without getting lost in the maze of the cobblestone walkways.

    The garden isn't limited to the town borders, sprawling merrily over part of the surrounding countryside and encompassing much of the natural scenery, although from the precise rows and perfect clusters that line the calm paths its clear there's a bit of human influence as well. Still, it's a quaint place to visit, with different flowers in bloom all throughout the year, trees of all variety of colours and blossoms, and even the occasional fruit tree -- yes, you may try some yourself if they're in season. Lining the paths at regular intervals are water fountains and plain yet comfortable wooden benches set back in small nooks, and a few set under the shade of white gazebos with a round table in the center.

    Des Jardins' center of attraction, however, is literally the octagonal fountain erected in the heart of the winding pathways, all of which unknowingly loop around up to the large pool at its base. A layered statue of gentle waterfalls sits in the middle of the crystalline water, the cascade kept supplied by the umbrella of water showering down from an upward-facing Magikarp at the top. Jets of water burst from the mouths of three stone Gyarados intertwined around this statue. It is, all in all, a rather impressive sight, and made even more so by the fish pokémon that inhabit the somewhat deeper-than-normal basin.

    It's not unusual to find various pokémon in the garden. Bug and Grass types are fond of the variety of flora, and many young Flying types can be spotted roosting or nesting in the saplings. While there are a handful of feeders for these pokémon, who are more or less tame, visitors are highly discouraged from attempting to start battles or capture any of them. The people of Marsh Town want Des Jardins to be known as a bit of natural serenity in the hectic world of trainers, gyms, tournaments, and everything else, and as a result of such whims it is also free and open to the public at all hours, so feel free to stop on by if you need someplace to take a break from life.

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