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    Post  Kali on Sun May 09, 2010 9:13 am

    Kali wasn't new to the Safari Zone, but she didn't usually go to it.

    Nevertheless she was there today, moving over to the front desk without delay and handing over the required sum of money, as well as all of her pokemon. Just in case, Disaster was kept for protection. The Absol's fur bristled as she regarded the NPC clerk, but she couldn't chomp the poor girl's hand off just because she was giving her owner some safari balls and other things.

    How throwing rocks helped, Kali wasn't too sure, but perhaps if she aimed just right she could keep a pokemon from charging or scampering off. Either way, she put the newly acquired items in her bag and began to glance at a map containing the different zones. In the end she decided on the tundra. Sure, it might be chilly, especially as the sun was beginning to set, but it was as good a place as any to start. Later on perhaps she'd move to another area, but in the time being the trainer and her companion got off the shuttle bus.

    Rubbing her arms, she decided that the time spent here was going to be relatively short, unless she could discover something particularly interesting. The Absol beside her raised her snout to the wind and took a long sniff; what pokemon made this area their home?


    Dusk on the tundra was a beautiful sight, for what it was, the patches of snow glistening at the touch of the vanishing rays beneath a richly coloured sky. It was quiet but for the ambient sounds of wind and the hidden footsteps, flutters, and yawns of the pokémon who preferred the chilly climate.

    Some were yawning for the end of day; others for the beginning of the night. A rare one, however, seemed oblivious to the time, dancing about and loudly greeting their sleepier Safari neighbours. The pokemon spun and and skipped and made its way from nest to den to burrow to den, its approach noisily obvious. After a few minutes, it went silent, no longer greeting anybody. Instead, it was attempting to reach Kali and Disaster with as much stealth as possible, though that wasn't much for a fairly rotund, bright red bird.

    It also hadn't thought of the possibility of approaching from any angle other than head-on.

    So it was that a not-so-secret secret Delibird tiptoed up to the unfamiliar Absol and, forgetting itself, gave them a highly enthusiastic "GOOD EVENING!" by way of greeting before blinking at them with happy expectations.


    Kali was a lot colder than her companion as they stood regarding dusk. It was peaceful here and relatively quiet; she did like the place even though it was a tad on the colder side for her. Either way, she was soon to be distracted from the temperature as Disaster's eyes narrowed and a soft growl started in her throat.

    Something was approaching

    That something was also bright red and stuck out against a simple background like a sore thumb. It was already beginning to worry the trainer when it continued to tiptoe closer to the Absol, who had inched a bit closer to her trainer. "What's it doing?" Kali whispered, to which she got only a shrug and a brisk head shake.


    It spoke.

    "Good evening!" Kali had to step in front of the dark-type before Disaster attempted to maul the Delibird (which probably would break some safari zone rule). "You live in this place? it's awfully chilly out here." The pokemon didn't seem like it was too much of a threat, but then again neither Artemis and Cyril, and they caused more trouble than the girl ever wanted to be surrounded by.


    Delibird gasped at the girl's reply as it realized it had given itself away, hadn't it, well. Oh well! It perked up again at the question, nodding very seriously while rambling off its answer.

    "Oh yes it's very nice, very chilly, I like it a lot." Delibird turned to Disaster, blinking its round eyes at the far more feral pokémon here while asking, "You're a very silent girl, aren't you?" and started chuckling. It looked back at Kali. "Did you want a present too, I give them out you know, but sometimes they go wrong and I can't figure it out. Very sad, very sad."

    Bit fond of talking and outdoor voices, though there were much worse personalities to be found. It gleaned eagerly from face to face, hoping at least one of them just happened to be willing to risk its well-meaning efforts to give a Present to everyone in the Tundra, and the other zones if it could reach them all.

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