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    Post  Kali on Sun May 09, 2010 9:16 am

    Darkness danced on the edges of the route; there was less than an hour to sundown.

    Somehow, that seemed like the perfect time to begin the trek to the other side.

    It wasn't terribly warm for a night, but neither was it freezing. A brisk pace was enough to prove outer garments like coats unnecessary but welcome for those that didn't appreciate the temperature. So it was that the one wandering along a well-walked path had felt perfectly at ease with a light sweater to cover her shoulders. She did not stray from the path but rather seemed intent on the destination rather than what came her way as the sunlight began to dip below the horizon.

    [There ain't a chance in hell]

    Hell seemed content to stride alongside her in the form of a fuzzy black hound. The feathered canine snarled at even the slightest shiver of leaves; it wasn't that anything was in that bush over there (she did have a good nose), it was just the principle of it all. She was a guard dog, even if she had been reverted to her original form. Yes, she was unusual with that sleek coat of darkness and broad raven wings, but a Growlithe she was.

    A soft wind ruffled the critter's fur and she stiffened instinctively, tendrils of smoke curling out from between her jaws. She didn't know what had caused to wake up one day as a puppy and to lose all of Kali's party, but she ticked off to no extent. How could that have happened? She'd let her mistress down. Not again. Hell no.

    Unbeknownst to her the owner's foot kicked a small pebble, causing the Growlithe to halt and glare into the shadows in the direction of the sudden sound. Ears swiveled and muscles tensed.

    [All this torture's got me saying]

    "Please don't stop." The calm voice interrupted the hound's thoughts, and before she could protest she felt her legs moving. "Kibeth." The pokemon met the girl's eyes and whined softly. This one was a nice human, a good handler and trainer. She looked lovely with her blond hair and an athletic physique with enough curves to win over some stupid men of her species. Kibeth knew she wasn't quite so delicate, even with those nice boots that ran up to a little below her knees and that innocent smile. She was prone to mixing in with the wrong crowd, and the guard dog presumed it was her duty to keep her on the right track.

    The trainer, Kali, was far less inclined to believe this; she was perfectly capable of getting into and out of messes on her own. Certainly she had a few marks to show for it, but none of them could be detected in the atmosphere of a dying day. She didn't remember absolutely everything that had happened to her since before, although that was something she preferred no one to know about. Some things were coming back to her the longer she hung around, and as she headed down the path just the tiniest memory twinkled into sight with the first stars.

    [Oh my god I'm-]

    OoC: Damn you, Blake Lewis. Love or Torture (Please Don't Stop). Very Happy Just looking for people for Kali to say hi (and maybe a few more words) to, or wild pokemon for Kibeth to fight, etc. Feel free to post~


    Sazlo himself was walking along route one, headed back to Belle the long way after a long day at the lab. His lab coat was still on, but that was because he was cold again. It seemed like his tolerance of cold kept getting smaller and smaller as the days passed. He was walking briskly though, trying to keep the blood flowing to keep him a bit warmer. Scy and Teal were both at their rightful sides of their trainer. Though a trainer isn't what they saw him as. They saw him as a friend. He never forced them into their pokeballs (He hadn't even carried them since forever), nor did he force them into fighting. They were always asked for their input into their own fights. Scy has been with Sazlo since his first day as a trainer. Teal hadn't been around as long, but it wasn't much shorter.

    The shadows seemed to stretch along the ground in an almost menacing manner. Kibeth wasn't the only one on guard this evening. Both Scy and Teal were making sure nothing was going to sneak up on them. They both had their ears perked up, making sure to catch all of the sounds of the night, be they nature, or pokemon, or even other people. Teal had sensed that something was going to happen soon-ish. Suddenly, Scy looked directly ahead at something he had heard. Teal heard it too, because her ears were focused on the route directly ahead as well. Sazlo noticed both of his pokemon had become alert, and he himself became just as alert, his sense of being cold gone quickly.

    A small wind hit their faces and both Teal and scy sniffed at the air. It smelled of something familiar, but not at the same time. Still, they walked quickly and cautiously. They rounded a small hill and saw what looked like a trainer and their pokemon waling on the road ahead. All three quickened their pace to catch up. It was a matter of seconds for them to be close enough to see familiarity. Sazlo smiled slightly and sped up even more. Scy quickly went from being on his right to being between Teal and Sazlo. Sazlo had caught up to Kali and put his hands in his pockets as he went up to her left side. He continued looking ahead, but said to her, "Hey, I haven't seen you in forever." He then looked over to make certain it was Kali who he was talking to.


    As soon as their paces quickened the Growlithe whipped around with a snarl. Her trainer's reaction was a slower heel-turn and an otherwise blank expression. The labcoat was new, and it took her a couple of seconds to place the trainer. Well, professor she supposed, glancing over his attire and the pair of pokemon present before focusing towards the upcoming part of the route. Kibeth could sense any tension in her mistress but didn't find too much, so she relaxed and padded around to sniff Scy and Teal. That was the doggy thing to do, after all.

    "I suppose it has been a while." Kali agreed with a faint smile and a nod. There were a lot of people she hadn't seen in quite some time; Sazlo was no exception. He was better than some people that she didn't want to encounter, so she resolved to tolerate him for the time being. It wasn't as though she could avoid him out on the route like this. Her new Abra hadn't been through all the places yet, so she couldn't simply Teleport out to a place besides the first town, Mobious, and a select few other areas.

    This of course meant she'd have to make conversation, because routes were awkward if you just walked alongside someone who greeted you without saying a word. She ran a hand through her hair to pull it away from her face. "Have you been up to much trouble since I saw you last?" Kali had been busy trying to figure out what the hell happened to her pokemon and everything; others seemed more like they released their companions...All around the same time. She had apparently missed that memo when she was bleeding and passed out somewhere on a route. That was the last thing she remembered, before waking up back in Mobious with only three pokemon.


    Sazlo nodded to Kali when she sad it has been a while. He glanced down as her grwolithe started sniffing Scy and Teal. He looked back up at Kali and said, "Can I ask you a question?" He looked to her belt, trying to see if he could see any other pokeballs. Before giving her as chance to answer, he continued, "Did you lose all of your other pokemon too? Or was that just me?" He was hoping he wasn't the only one, but at the same time, he hoped he was. He didn't want anyone else to go through losing all of their pokemon. Except, of course, those that didn't deserve to have them. He looked down at the pokemon again, and said, "I just woke up in the middle of the night sometime, and found only these two sleeping in their corner. I looked, and all of my pokeballs were gone... Even theirs. Thankfully, they're never in them..." He kept replaying in his head what would've happened if they had been in them. He shook his head, he didn't want to think of it.

    As Kibeth came over to start sniffing the pokemon, Teal tensed up. When she finally noticed the Kibeth wasn't tense, which took her a while, she herself relaxed. She just looked at the Growlithe, head cocked to the side slightly.

    Scy watched the growlithe, himself slightly tense. Though, when he noticed Kibeth wasn't, he didn't relax. He didn't want to let his guard down, just in case Kibeth decided to do something. Just because he didn't let his guard down, didn't mean he wasn't going to be civil. He said to the canine telepathically, Hello. My name is Scy, and this is Teal, He nodded his head over to the Espeon and continues, May I ask your name?


    Kali's interest rose when Sazlo gave her a look and instinctly moved her hand onto her belt. She nodded nevertheless, permitting the question to be asked. It was one that she had been wondering about herself, and she didn't bother to pretend otherwise. The woman had put a lot of years and work into her team, and to have them suddenly vanish was a bit irritating. "I don't know what happened. I'd been njured, that was the last thing I remember at least, and when I came-to, all I had were three. I do miss the others, but I haven't seen any signs of them at all around Mobious or the routes, or anywhere else I had encountered them. Not to mention that Disaster, Kibeth, and Delano all lost their strength and the latter two have devolved." Kibeth was quite a fearsome beast when she was her regular size, and at some point she would be that large again. For now, however, the canine was restricted to being diminutive and intimidating as a Growlithe could get. "Theirs were gone, too? Mine still had their pokeballs." That at least was a relief, because if she didn't have those Kali would have been rolled ticked off.

    "At first I thought someone might have stolen them, but now I'm not so sure. Did you ever hear anything about where your pokemon went?"

    Kibeth (probably with the attitude that she could take out a level 100 Charizard) was not in the least bit concerned about any looks Scy or Teal might have been giving her. One might call her a ticking time bomb. She paused to look in his direction at the sound of the voice; she wasn't a psychic, but she dealt with plenty of them back in Mobious. Kibeth. What are you and yours doing on this route? She cast a stray look up at her mistress, just to check that Sazlo wasn't doing anything she disapproved of, and looked back to the pair evenly.

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