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    Belle City Gym Empty Belle City Gym

    Post  Sazlo on Thu May 06, 2010 1:53 pm

    Belle City's Gym portrayed how big the town was. It had a very long, circular walkway, with a huge waterfountain in the middle, with the statue of an articuno with wings outstreched, beak pointing upward with a giant waterspout coming from the tip. The water came down in an umbrella like fashion, encompassing the entire fountain in cascading water. In the bottom swam many finneon and Lumineon, all owned by the designers and builders of this fine establishment. If you looked at the building, you'd think you were looking at a mansion.

    As you walk up to the double doors, you see they stand about eight feet tall, emblazoned with the figures of a pair of Vaporeon facing each other, The front paws resting on the handles. Though the doors are huge, they open very easily. As they swing in, you walk down a hallway with waterfalls falling on either side of you, with a glass floor with water visible underneath. In fact, walking through this hallway made it seem like you had the ability to walk on water. And if you happened to look up, you'd see that the cieling was also glass, making it able to see the bright sun during the day or the stars at night.

    At the end of the hallway, is yet another set of double doors, though these are sized normally. Emblazoned on each of these are a squirtle, shooting a water gun at each other, and the handles are where the water guns meet. when you open the door, you see a large lobby, with many TVs and comfortable chairs and sofas. To the left directly when you enter is the reception desk. You enter for tournaments and other events here. There are many signs on the desk, stating rules and such, but there's two large signs, stating the events currently being held in the building. At the end of the desk, posted on the wall, was a decently sized piece of metal, which stated at the top : Badge holders of Bell City Gym. Obviously, when you won here, your name would be posted.

    The following rules are to be followed by both leader and contender:

    1: Pokemon are allowed to be switched
    2: No items are allowed to be used
    3: Single or Double Matches are both allowed
    4: 3 pokemon chosen for a Single Match, 4 for a Double.
    5 : The winner is the trainer that's able to defeat all of the other's pokemon
    6 : No pokemon higher than level 35 are permitted to battle.

    To the right you can see different shops that offer their services to those about to battle, but also those that want to purchase something. If you look close enough, there's a sign on all the shops that state : For those of you that have recieved the badge from this gym, you will recieve a 15% discount on all items. If you look, you'll see that there's an TM/HM shop, a salon , a jewelery shop, as well as a spa for both pokemon and humans alike.

    Straight ahead of the entrance door is the door into the gym itself. These doors are just glass, sliding doors. As you get near, they slide open and you're able to walk through.The arena is huge, with water all over the place, but random patches of land scattered about, some large and some small. On both sides, where the trainers sit, are half-bubble looking platforms that are almost completely clear. When a match starts, the leader takes the purple one and the contender takes the red one. When the pokemon are released, the bubbles raise up, to give the pokemon more area to battle. The arena is completely surrounded by padded bleachers. The leader wanted to make sure that the people visiting his gym, were very comfortable.

    If you look close enough, you can see a door in the back, hidden by many plants. That leads to Sazlo's living quarters. Not many people have gone in there, and he considers that his home.

    Species : Vaporeon [Water Absorb]
    Name : Vapor
    Gender : Female
    Level : 33
    Attacks : Tackle, Tail Whip, Helping Hand, Sand Attack, Water Gun, Quick Attack, Bite

    Species : Staryu [Natural Cure]
    Gender : Genderless
    Level : 35
    Attacks : Tackle, Harden, Water Gun, Rapid Spin, Recover, Camouflage, Swift, Bubblebeam, Minimize

    Species : Chinchou [Volt Absorb]
    Gender : Male
    Level : 34
    Attacks : Bubble, Supersonic, Thunder Wave, Flail, Water Gun, Confuse Ray, Spark, Take Down, Bubble Beam, Signal Beam, Discharge

    Species : Sharpedo [Rough Body]
    Gender : Female
    Level : 32
    Attacks : Leer, Bite, Rage, Focus Energy, Scary Face, Ice Fang, Screech, Swagger, Assurance, Crunch, Slash

    Species : Lumineon [Swift Swim]
    Gender : Female
    Level : 30
    Attacks : Pound, Water Gun, Attract, Rain Dance, Gust, Water Pulse, Captivate, Safe Guard,

    Species : Dolphira [Flash Fire]
    Gender : Male
    Level : 32
    Attacks : Bubble, Ember, Water Sport, Bite, Haze, Aqua Ring, Flame Wheel

    Prizes for winning:
    Badge : Swirl Badge This badge is made of a small, circular piece of glass, but when you look at it long enough, it looks almost as if there was a very small whirlpool spinning around inside.
    Money : 9,000 (Yen sign -_-")
    TM : TM55 - Brine

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