A Pokémon roleplay set in the oddball Southern Nary region.

Event: Newly discovered Pokémon are lurking around Route One! What are you waiting for, go catch one!
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    A quick note Empty A quick note

    Post  Artemis on Tue May 11, 2010 1:34 am

    For the sake of organizing things so individual profiles can be found as easily as possible, we ask that you please (re)name your topics using your character's name, with either the nickname they use or their first name listed first.

    "Robert" - good
    "Robert J." - good
    "Robert Jones" - good
    "Bobby" - good
    "Robert Jones' Diary" - good
    "Rob Jones {Song Lyrics Here}" - good

    And so forth. On the other hand:

    "Song Lyrics Here" - bad
    "{Robert Jones}" - bad (punctuation marks are not part of your name... well, usually o.O)
    "Peanut Butter, A Story of Robert" - bad

    I think you get the idea of what's cool and what's not. Go forth my children and profile!

    Additionally, please use only one thread per character. If you wish to write letters back and forth with another player, comment on an open character diary, or otherwise communicate with them, keep a thread perhaps in Beyond Nary (for letters from outside) or post back-and-forth on one or both of your profile threads.

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