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    Post  Sazlo on Tue May 11, 2010 2:39 pm

    Seeing as how Belle City is situated next to the ocean, there's naturally a beach here. But there's one, long certain section of the beach that tends to collected items that have been dropped into the sea. It's not like you can look over the beach and see hundreds of glinting objects on the ground. some are buried, some are hidden, and some just don't want to be seen by anyone.

    Belle has roped off one part of the beach, about 2 miles down the shoreline, going all the beach to where sand meets grass. No one is limited in the number of items obtained.

    I had permission to borrow the (Item) Forest Idea from Alubay from way back when. Like the Description, no one is limited to the number of Items they can get per day. But please be patient if the boards gets a lot of activity and it takes a while to get your items. Other than that, happy Item Finding ^^

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