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    Post  Sazlo on Sun Jun 27, 2010 6:41 am

    I just recently join fictionpress.com and found out that there's a 2 day waiting period before you can post any stories on there. These two days are going to be very long and eventful, so I decided that I'm going to put, at least, my prologue here so that I have it somewhere on the internet so that I can work on it anywhere I'm at that has access to the interwebz >.> You guys are also completely free to make any comments / criticisms about it that you care to ^^. So without further ado.... The prologue to Saz's Story! (I has none name yet x_x)

    Edit! : because I do research, according to the average of the first 13 books of the wheel of time series, a page is considered 354 words... Since I have over 5300 of them, that's 15 pages, and according to the Belgariad is considered a legitimate chapter >.> Guess I'll have to do something shorter for the prologue... Epic history for epic plot twist later in book! Yay ^^
    Chapter 1 :

    Eavath woke up rather quickly to a thunderous clashing noise outside of his home. He grumbled quietly to himself as he drug himself out of bed to the window facing out over a rather large field of grass. That crash came again, and Eavath was able to discern where it had come from. He muttered something under his breath and grabbed a large cloak off of a rack standing against the wall. He threw it on and stroked the large wolf that was laying beside the door. She licked his hand and smiled. He smiled back and said, "I have something I must attend to, it won't take me long."

    She slowly stood up and stretched. While standing, the wolf's withers stood level with Eavath's shoulder. She said to him, "Then let me come with. It'll take much less time than if it were just you."

    Eavath laughed softly and put his arms around her. He said to her, "I need you to stay here for me. I'm expecting someone today, and if he comes and neither of us are here, he'll assume we've left and venture out to find us."

    The large wolf let out a rather big sigh and plopped herself back down. Had the floor not had stone underneath its carpet, it would have rocked the entire house. He scratched her behind the ears a few times and said, "Worry not, it won't take me but a moment." That elicited a smile from the wolf and Eavath walked out the door. He looked up into the sky and deduced that it was close to being noon. He had overslept again, and made a mental note to make sure he stopped doing that.

    Eavath was a few paces away from his house when his body started shifting. His body seemed to turn one solid shade of white and it started changing shape. It got smaller and suddenly wings stretched out from his back. The white then faded away to give way to the natural colors of that of an eagle. He quickly took flight and flew straight up.

    He got about forty feet off the ground and saw what had made the noise that had woken him from his slumber. There were a few hundred men in two differently colored uniforms in the middle of battle. He sighed to himself and started to fly into the battle. As he was 10 feet from the ground, his body took that pure shade of white and his form started changing. It went from being avian to canine and the white faded to the coloration of the same Winter Wolf that was in the house where he had come from. Being just as large, he was able to make quite a scene, stopping many in mid swing when he appeared seemingly out of nowhere.

    He let out a loud howl that instantly froze everyone in the battle. When the final note of his howl died down, he carefully looked at each of the men. He knew none of them, but he knew well the colors of the uniforms that each was wearing. The red belonged to the kingdom to the north, and the black belonged to the kingdom to his west. All of the men then had taken a feral gleam in their eyes. It seemed the army had not provisioned very well, and they all looked exceedingly hungry. For all they knew, they had just stumbled upon a very large arctic wolf that had strayed too far from the north.

    Eavath, seeing what they all intended to do, let out a ferocious growl, fully intending to not let them know who he was until absolutely necessary. See, he was wanted for a large sum of money in the kingdom to the west. He knew he didn't stand any chance in this form without Sariya, his faithful companion and steadfast friend. Alas, she was not here but at the house. He would not be able to call to her in time, so he resorted to what he didn't want to do. His form started shifting again, this time into his natural human form. All the men around his were shocked at seeing this transformation, but instantly identified the felon. Eavath heaved a heavy sigh when they all readied their weapons and produced a quarter staff in his right hand seemingly out of nowhere.

    He said aloud, "If any of you try to take me anywhere, I will be forced to deal with you." Suddenly, a man charged at him from his right, sword held high in the air. Eavath quickly sidestepped the falling blade and brought the staff up, straight into the man's stomach. He fell to the ground, clutching his stomach. Eavath clutched the symbol hanging from his neck and quickly said a prayer. His staff suddenly took on a blue, holy glow. The men, however, did not sway and another charged forth.

    Eavath let out a heavy sigh and sidestepped this man's blade as well. He uttered a small prayer as he took a few quick steps back and gestured at the man that had just attacked him. A great lightning bolt came down from the sky, striking the ground directly in front of him. He let out a startled shriek and fell backwards.

    Eavath then said aloud to everyone, "Next time I won't miss, and he will not be my only target. I will say this once, and you had better listen. I want everyone to return back to where they were sent from. I do not want this battle here on my land," he glanced at the generals that had taken to standing in front of everyone. They were about to say something, but Eavath lifted his Quarterstaff and cut them short. He said to them, in a very menacing voice, "I want each of you to report to your commanding officers that you have found me. I then want them to report to your kings and report that to them. Also tell them that I would like to speak with each of them. Tell them I will have an audience with them. If I hear they want otherwise, I will have to deal with them." He spun around and started walking back to his house. One man was about to give chance, but stopped in his tracks when he saw the staff disappear into thin air.

    When Eavath reached his house, he saw that the door was standing slightly open. He brought a small dagger out from underneath his cloak and approached cautiously. He carefully looked inside and saw Sariya laying on her side, breathing very heavily. He saw a small dart sticking out of her ribs and anger swelled inside of him. He fully opened the door and took a step inside. As soon as he was clear of the door, it suddenly shut behind him and he felt someone grab for him. He was too fast, though, and quickly jumped across the room, sheathing his dagger in the process. He spun around and was face to face with a female drow. He stood up straight and summoned forth his Quarterstaff. He rested one end onto the floor and let a small amount of his weight lean on it. He said to her, "What gives you any right to barge into my home?"

    The Drow was meticulously cleaning her dagger, and Eavath was about to rephrase his question when she looked up at him. A murderous glint passed along her eye as she said to him, "What right do I have? Actually, I have no right to be here, but that didn't stop me. Actually, I'm here to deliver you to someone. I must ask you, are you going to come quietly..." she tossed her dagger into the air a few times and finished, "Or are you going to make me have some fun?"

    Eavath glared at the woman and told her, "Your definition of fun seems to be a trifle odd, but I think I'm going to have to opt for that option..." and with that, he began a quick incantation and the wind outside started howling. The bottom floor of his house was one large room, with windows evenly spaced along all walls. Suddenly, a very strong wind pushed the Drow to be standing in front of the door. It then changed directions and forcefully threw her out the door and several yards back. Eavath walked outside and stood about twenty feet from his "deliverer" and folded his arms. He said to her, "Who sent you after me."

    The Drow looked at the man from the ground and wiped a small amount of blood with the back of her hand that was holding the dagger. She looked at it and chuckled and she stood up. She said to him, "I do not know who sent me, just that I'm supposed to take you alive. He made sure that I understood that, so you must be pretty important to him for some reason or another..." She then jumped at Eavath, blade outstretched.

    Eavath wasn't expecting the attack, but he sidestepped just in time. He knew about the Drow, and he knew they liked to coat their weapons in a layer of poison that could paralyze the biggest of men. As soon as her attack missed, she quickly rolled past him. He planted his staff into the ground. He closed his hand around the amulet hung around his neck and said a few words directed at the staff. It started glowing in a soft blue light, slowly growing taller and thicker. Soon, eyes appeared, followed closely by a mouth. When it was finished, it appeared to be a large, living pine tree. Eavath then looked at the rather large ash tree that the Drow was unfortunate enough to stand beside. He said a loud, harsh word in the Druidic language and it, too, began to live. Both living trees let out a savage roar that shook the house, causing stone dust to fall from the roof. Eavath looked at the Drow, a feral gleam in his eye, and said to her, "You have chosen the wrong man to mess with..." With that, he pulled out a large falchion. He planted the point into the ground and rested his arm on the pommel, shifting his weight to the sword. He extended his left hand and crooked his finger, gesturing her to try something.

    The Drow did not take to being surrounded by trees too kindly, so she switched the dagger she was carrying to her left hand and pulled her own scimitar out of a scabbard that was on her back. Though her weapon was smaller, it looked deadlier. It was all black, with small red runes constantly shifting and moving along the blade and a blood red ruby anointed the pommel. She flashed a muderous smile in his direction in response to his statement. She slowly slid the dagger she was carrying into a compartment in her own cloak and slid another scimitar from the second scabbard that was on her back. This one was pure black as well, but it had blue runes, as well as a deep blue sapphire.

    Suddenly, she lept for the treant that was standing behind her. She swung the ruby scimitar, flames licking the blade as it cut through the air. As it made contact, a spray of fire erupted, shooting away from the sword, engulfing the tree in fire. a blood curdling scream rang through the air as the treant was being devoured by the fire. She turned towards the other treant and turned a small, platinum ring that was on her left hand. Sudddenly, it shrunk until it was no more than a lifeless staff laying on the ground. She stood back up, dangling the swords at either side. She crooked the side of her mouth up in a smirk and said to him, "You don't seem so strong without your little helpers." She chuckled evilly and pointed the red sword at Eavath, taunting him.

    Eavath, seeing his adversary stronger than he had thought, pulled his falchion from the ground. He smiled at her malevolenty and said, "The metal you carry is going to be your downfall..." With that, he said a few quiet words in the druidic language and pointed his left hand towards the drow.

    Her anti-magic field had run out of power, so the spell Eavath had cast was successful. Suddenly, the two scimitars in her hand, as well as the dagger and any other pieces of metal that were on her person were pulled back quite forcefully. The drow's momentum was stopped immediately when she ran into a rather large stone wall. Pinned, she couldn't move as Eavath slowly approached her. When he was directly in front of her, she asked him, "How are you not being thrown as well."

    Eavath chuckled quietly at this inquiry and lifted his falchion, letting her look at it. It wasn't metal, but instead made entirely of wood. He said to her in a quiet voice, "I've found that metal can be quite burdensome. Wood seems a much better alternative... Even moreso when you have powers at your disposal as I do." He waved his hand in a dismissive gesture as he started walking away and the drow was released. When he was about thirty feet away, he turned toward the drow and placed his falchion inside his cloak, the sword disappearing. He said to her, "I was going to allow you to go unharmed, but you've done something the my friend, and I will not stand for that." He then snapped his fingers and the staff that had been laying on the ground was suddenly in his hand. He gripped the staff with two hands and stood himself into a defensive stance, preparing himself for what the Drow would do.

    She scoffed and said to him, "You should have killed me when you had the chance." She then hurled the blue scimitar at the man and closely chased behind it. The scimitar landed directly in front of Eavath, whose stance faltered. The drow saw her opening and swung the other for his left arm. The blow connected, but glanced off the cloak. Eavath took a quick step back and swung his staff close to the ground. He caught the left foot of the drow, sweeping it out from under her, causing her to fall. As she was getting back up, he muttered yet another spell and the staff took on a warm glow. He then took on an offensive stance and prepared for the Drow to attempt something.

    Mumbling as she got up, she pulled the scimitar out of the ground and took a step forward, getting herself back into range. She glared at him and said, "I have not failed anyone yet, and I'm not starting with you..." She then let loose a flurry of swings with her scimitars. Eavath expertly blocked all of them and quickly followed with his own flurry. On his last swing, she was able to parry his blow and send his staff flying through the air. Grumbling slightly to himself, he quickly pulled out his falchion, not intending to leave himself open. As she swung her right scimitar in a viscious downward arc, she dropped her blue one and pulled out the dagger.

    Eavath managed to sidestep the blow and counter with an attack of his own. He swung the falchion and it connected with her shoulder. It cleaved clean through, causing the blade to sink into the ground next to the severed arm. Screaming in pain and rage, the drow quickly followed with a stab from her dagger, which had coated itself in poison. It connected with Eavath's stomach, blade sinking into the soft flesh. The poison acted quickly, causing his muscles to lock and him to fall to the ground. Glaring with malice at the man, she morbidly picked up her severed arm and carefully placed it in a container she had attached to her belt. She then pulled out a small piece of black chalk and drew a circle on the wall she had been pinned to. When the circle was complete, the stone in the middle faded away and was replaced by an image of a dungeon. Muttering to herself, the drow bandaged her shoulder and dragged the man through the portal.

    The portal closed behind Eavath and the Drow. As soon as they came through, she collapsed and some men in black robes picked her up and carried her through a large iron gate. Eavath was able to move his eyes just enough to see the room he was in. There was nothing there out of the ordinary for a dungeon, save for a man hunched over in deep purple robes. Then, exhausted from the fight and the poison, Eavath fell asleep.

    Eavath awoke suddenly and grabbed for something in his cloak. Only, he was not wearing his cloak, but some tattered clothes instead. He jumped off the stone bench he was sitting on and ran to the bars of cell he was in. Looking across the room, he saw his cloak laying on a table and most of its contents were scattered on the table. He did not see his staff there. Grumbling to himself, he turned and rested his back on the bars. Closing his eyes and letting in a deep breath, he made himself relax. Suddenly, he opened his eyes. The man that had been hunched over in the corner was now standing in front of him.

    "What are you doing in here?" The robed man asked. He started pacing, playing with something he was holding in his hands. He then looked back to Eavath and said, "Oh, and how have you been?" The man was Sazlo, and he had grown up with Eavath. They were inseperable until they had chosen which paths to follow. Sazlo followed the path of the books while Eavath went with nature and divine.

    Eavath smiled broadly and encased his old friend in a massive hug. His face went serious as he set the smaller man down and quickly asked, "What are we both doing in here?"

    Sazlo frowned and said, "What, nobody told you?"

    Eavath frowned as well as said, "No... I got home, found Sariya with a dart sticking out of her and a Drow waiting for me..."

    An evil look flashed across Sazlo's face for a brief moment and passed as if it was never there. He said to Eavath, "I just had someone come to my tower and threaten to burn it down if I didn't go with them. They said it was terribly urgent and within my best interests to go with him. I went with him, naturally, but not because of the fire." He smiled mischeviously. Sazlo had a well known love of fire, but he had something that was more overpowering than this love, and that was his insatiable curiosity. He smiled back at Eavath and said, "I see they took your cloak. I threatened them when they tried to take mine. Not many people here like magic much, so they didn't touch me afterwards, though they did take some of my spell components..." His bottom lip jutted out into a small pout, but that quickly went away and he reached his hand into a hidden pocket in his robes. He pulled out a small bag and held it up to Eavath. He quietly whispered, "They didn't take this though... I would've had to hurt somebody for taking this..." He then looked around cautiously and untied the bag. He pulled out a small, black oval stone and grinned. He had found this stone on one of his and Eavath's expeditions. He had never said what it did, only that it was very powerful and worth more than anything he had ever laid eyes on. He then glanced around and carefully placed it back into its pouch. Placing the pouch back into its pocket in his robes, he whispered to Eavath, "Someone's coming..."

    That someone was the drow that had ambushed Eavath. He glared at her as she stepped in front of the bars. He said to her, "What are you doing here? You're lucky I don't kill you here and now, and you know I can do it..."

    She glared at him and said, "Shut up, I'm not here to fight you. I came here about this..." She gestured to the arm Eavath had cut off.

    Eavath smiled and Sazlo looked over to him and said, "Your handy work?" Eavath nodded to him.

    The Drow gave Sazlo an evil looked and looked back at Eavath and said, "Listen to me. I didn't come here for you and your friend to jeer at me. I came to bargain. You are concerned for your wolf, yes?"

    Eavath glared at her through the bars. A few seconds passed and he said, "What do you want from me?"

    The Drow smiled, her negotiation going well so far, and replied, "A simple favor from you, which I will repay. I know of Druidic magic, and I know very well just how powerful you are. Here's what's going to happen." She glanced around, making sure there were no guards and leaned closer to the bars. She whispered, "The man in the other room wants me to give you a poison that will cause your magic to stop working temporarily. If you agree, I will slip the poison into his drink instead of yours, giving you a chance to escape. If you take me with you and give me my arm back, I will take you back to your wolf..."

    Eavath frowned. He made it a point not to trust any Drow trying to make negotiations. He glanced at Sazlo and then back at the Drow. He held one finger up towards her and went with Sazlo to the back of the cell. He whispered to the wizard, "Do you think we should trust her?"

    Sazlo frowned, deep in though. He replied, "I don't think we should trust her, but I think we should accept her help. We have no worry about her turning on us because she's not getting anything right away, and we'll be able to get out of here..."

    Eavath nodded. He himself gazed out the small window at the sky. The sky was clear, and all stars were visible. Interstingly, he could see the constellation of the Great Wolf. It seemed as if it was ready to embark on a hunt. He then remembered something from old, druidic lore, and realization dawned on him. To the north of the Great Wolf was the Widow. The great constellation of the spider was poised in the middle of her web. He nodded to himself and looked at Sazlo. He said quietly, "I think we should take her with us. She might prove useful."

    They both nodded to each other again and walked back over to the bars. Eavath quietly whispered, "Alright, we'll help you. Though I will warn you," His voice changed into a menacing growl as he finished, "if you cross us, I will make sure that you will have no arms left."

    The Drow, obviously cross with the threat, was happy about the successful bargain. She nodded her head to the both of them and quietly said, "You will be brought for an audience in approximately twenty minutes time. Prepare yourselves." She went over to the table and grabbed both of their things. She passed them through the bars and said to them, "Make sure he doesn't see that you have these..." As she turned and left, she pulled a small black stone out of a circular recess in the wall beside their cell.

    Suddenly, Eavath felt as though a hand that had been pressing down on him had lifted its weight. He glanced
    over at Sazlo, who was grinning and making a very small ball of fire dancing across his fingers. Eavath nodded to him and passed him his belongings. He himself threw the cloak on and snapped his fingers. His staff that was left forgotten at his house suddenly appeared. He smiled to himself and tapped it on the ground, it ceasing to exist again.

    Sazlo was muttering quick short phrases in an arcane language and gestured his hands to himself. Suddenly, the items that he had not had before the drow appeared faded into non-existance. He nodded to himself and said the same phrases again, gesturing at Eavath this time. The large cloak then faded into nothingness as well. He sat down against the wall at the back of the cell, heaving a great sigh as he did. Eavath joined him, though he did not relax as much as the old wizard. They both then waited for guards to come and escort them to their audience.

    It wasn't long before a pair of guards came and unlocked their door. They stood at the door and the one holding it gruffly said, "He will see you now, let's go." The two companions looked at each other, nodded, and then stood up. As they got to the door, the guards roughly put a pair of shackles on their wrists and ankles. The companions said nothing and allowed the two men to lead them to their captor. They hallway seemed to stretch forever. After what seemed like walking for hours, a large set of doors opened into an even larger room. The ceiling soared above their heads, the center of the dome just barely being lit by the numerous candles that were lit around the room. Eavath gazed around the entire room, Scattered everywhere were glass cases and weapon racks holding what seemed to be very valuable weapons and trinkets. In the center of the room stood a massive throne, and on the throne sat a short man with black robes holding a staff that rivaled the blackness of a starless night sky.

    As they approached the throne, the man stood up and gave a flourishing bow to Eavath. Then then stood upright and fixed Sazlo with a stare that would have made any other man quiver in fear. Sazlo, however, returned a glare with just as much malevolence and animosity. The short man shook his head and looked back to Eavath, the evil stare completely gone. He said to him, "Welcome. My name is Belroden, and I humbly welcome you to my castle."

    Eavath glanced over to Sazlo with a look of apprehension. Sazlo didn't notice it, however, because he was still glaring at Belroden. Before Eavath had a chance to speak, Sazlo said, "What do you think you're doing? You know you're forbidden to ever step foot in this land again."

    Belroden let out an evil chuckle and fixed Sazlo with that same glare. He said to him, "And who's going to kick me out? The archmage? Too bad he's not around any more..." He then glanced back toward the throne where a pair of short staves were mounted on the front.

    Sazlo was now shaking with rage. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, calming himself. When he opened his eyes back up, there was a feral gleam about them. Eavath looked down at his hands and saw that his fists were clenched so tightly that fresh blood was freely running over his knuckles. He knew well what could happen, so he needed to find a way out fast. He glanced quickly around the room and spotted the Drow. He nodded to her as Belroden was disatracted and she gave a very slight nod back.

    Belroden laughed at Sazlo and said, "Still just as much a coward as you have always been." He then looked back at Eavath and said, "I've always found that some companions can become quite cumbersome. You, too, have probably noticed this. I'll give you a deal, would you hear it?"

    Eavath saw the drow slip her hand into a pouch and pull out a small vial. He needed to stall so he replied, "Sure, why not? I don't see any harm in listening."

    Belroden smiled and said, "You seem to be a very agreeable man. You would be a very valuable asset to me. I would like you to join me. You will get more money than you could possibly imagine, as well as other, less physical benefits." His mouth cracked open in an evil smile again.

    Eavath was repulsed by the idea of joining the man that had kidnapped him, threw him in jail, and placed shackles on him. He saw the drow quietly slip behind the throne at that moment. He gritted his teeth and inquired, "It seems to me as though this won't come at a cheap cost..."

    Belroden grinned again and replied, "You're quick too... No, it won't come at a cheap cost. In fact, I think the the cost would be greater than what you would be able to give."

    Eavath glanced at Sazlo again and saw that his fingers were twitching in arcane symbols and the blood was slowly disappearing. He hurriedly replied, "What, may I ask, would this cost be?"

    He jerked his head in Sazlo's direction and said, "Killing him."

    Eavath's own glare then crossed his features and he bumped into Sazlo, causing him to lose concentraion. Sazlo then glanced behind the man and saw the drow tip the vial over the man's drink. He then unclenched his fists, folding them together to hide the blood. Before Eavath got a chance to reply, Belroden went back to his throne and grabbed the glass of wine that was sitting on the arm. The two men smiled very slightly, only to take on the stony expression they had a split second later. The man took a large drink and turned. As he opened his mouth to speak, Eavath said to him, "What you ask does not even deserve contemplation. You will regret what you have asked, and you will regret it dearly." Suddenly, he starting glowing with a holy light. Again, his body took on a pure white shade and his form began changing. He steadily grew bigger, breaking the shackles to pieces in the process, and was soon too large for the room. The white light faded and his color and features came back. Suddenly, all but Sazlo and the drow were struck by Dragonfear as they all beheld a huge silver dragon. Eavath let out a loud roar in his new form and Sazlo and the Drow quickly jumped onto his back. He bent his head down and held it inches in front of Belroden. He said quietly, "Forget not what you have seen today, for this wrath shall be unleashed upon ye one day, and on that day you shall fall, and with you, all that follow you." He then raised his head back up and blasted an enourmas hole into the ceiling. He stretched his wings out, and then laboriously lifted himself and his riders up and through the hole, effectively escaping their imprisonment.

    When they were a few hundred feet above the castle, Sazlo yelled out to the Drow, "Grab a hold of me!"

    Without saying a word, the drow reached a hand out and grabbed onto the back of the wizard's robe. Sazlo patted Eavath between the wings and he barked out a loud word in Draconic.

    Belroden watched the trio suddenly disappear after hearing something in Draconic. He turned around and looked at one of his advisors. He quietly said, "Bring me Corellon. And to make sure this one doesn't turn on me, offer him this..." He walked across the room and grabbed a box. He crossed the room back and handed the box over. The advisor bowed his head and quickly left the room. He picked up his glass of wine again and sniffed it. He let out an enraged scream and hurled the glass across the room. It then struck something on the wall, causing it and the glass to crash to the floor, sending millions of shards of glass spraying in all directions.

    Chapter 2 :

    Eavath and company suddenly appeared in front of his house. He came to a skidding halt and as the two dismounted, he started reverting back to his human form. Eavath rushed to his shattered door, only to find yet another standing in his house. He let out an exasperated sigh and said, "Why are so many people breaking into my house?"

    At the sound of his voice, a fairly short human lept into the air and spun around, broad grin breaking out. He ran to Eavath and shook his hand. The grin disappeared and he looked sternly at Eavath and said, "You know, it's hard for someone to make a place not as secure when there's no door to make it secure in the first place..."

    Eavath himself smiled and said, "Yeah, sorry about that. I haven't gotten a chance to fix that yet, though you can yell at the person that made me do it..." He then gestured out the door by nodding his head outside.

    His face stern, the human stormed out of the house. Eavath could hear him and the drow exchange a heated argument. He came back inside, terribly flustered and said, "She said that she would fix it when you fix her arm, so hop to it."

    Eavath heaved a great sigh as he bent down to stroke Sariya's fur. She was awake again and growling softly towards the door. He whispered to her, "Don't worry, you'll get your turn..." He stood and and looked at the human and replied, "You know, Oje, You can be terribly impatient sometimes..." He then shook his head, more to himself than anything, and walked out the doorway.

    The drow was standing not too far away, looking irritated and slightly impatient. She leveled a stern gaze at Eavath and sarcastically said, "Oh, take your time. I wouldn't want to rush you. I'm just missing an arm is all."

    Eavath glared at her but said nothing. He walked over and looked at the wound where it was severed. Without looking away, he asked her, "Do you still have your arm?"

    She let out a sigh and pulled the arm out of her pouch. She held it out to him. He nodded and carefully grabbed it. He held the arm where it was supposed to be and grabbed his amulet with his free hand. He whispered a few quiet words and moved his hand from the amulet and placed it over the seam. His hand then started glowing blue as first the bone, then the muscles, and finally the skin formed together. The Drow shuddered as she watched and turned her head before giving her body a chance to retch. The spell was complete and Eavath released her arm. She stretched it out and moved it around, making sure everything was in working order. She nodded to herself and said, "I would thank you, but you've done no favor, only kept your side of the bargain..."

    He shrugged at her and said, "I wouldn't accept your thanks anyway. Like you said, I was just returning a favor." He then turned and walked back towards to house. As he got to the door he turned his head and said, "Oh, and if I were you, I wouldn't try running. You wouldn't make it..."

    The Drow cocked her head to the side, not understanding what he meant. Then she saw the massive wolf slowly walk out of the house. Sariya lowered her head and a quiet but malicious growl escaped her lips. She said in a very low voice, "Give me one good reason as to why I shouldn't kill you right now?"

    The Drow carefully place a hand on her scimitar and replied, "Because I was working for the guy you're against. I might be a tad on the useful side, don't you think?"

    The wolf scoffed at that reply and said, "You seem quite haughty for one that is in no position right now to be..." And with that, she lept, mouth open and aimed for the neck.

    The Drow quickly sidestepped and shouted a harsh word in the Drow tongue, barely dodging the claw that had swiped at her. She then said, "I have no wish to fight you, though I will if you give me reason."

    Eavath had heard the shout, and was standing in the doorway. As the wolf landed, she turned and was about to charge again. Eavath shouted, "Sariya! That's enough!" She stopped in her tracks and glanced at Eavath. She let out a sigh and walked back to the house. She turned back and glared at the drow one last time before sulking into the house. He gestured to the Drow to come in as well and went in himself. She relaxed slightly and walked towards the door.

    Just as she got to the doorstep, she happened to glance at the sky and see a small, dragon like form flying across the sky. She made a mental note of it and quickly ducked inside the house. Eavath was standing beside the door, and as soon as she stepped through, he said a few quiet words and the broken pieces of the door fliated into the door frame and fused back together in the shape of the door. As he turned to sit at the table, he could see Oje grinning at him. The drow sat down at the nearest chair to the door, and Eavath took a seat at the chair furthest from her.

    As soon as he took a seat, he nodded to Oje on his right and he produced many maps from a long, cylindrical canister hanging on his belt. He flipped through them quickly and found the one he was looking for. He placed the other back in the canister and spread the one out on the table. It was a map of the entire continent they were on, filled in all the way down to the small game trails in the various forests around. As soon as it was laid out, Eavath and Sazlo began to meticulously look, trying to find something. Suddenly, the drow spoke up, "You guys flounder around too obviously. If you're looking for where we were, it's right here." she pointed her finger at the center of a large forested area.

    Eavath squinted his eyes and said to her, "There's just one problem with that, there's no building here, you must be mistaken."

    She gave a quick scowl, "I'm not mistaken, maybe the mapmaker needs to pay more attention to such things."

    Suddenly, a dagger embedded itself into the wood of the table beside her elbow. Oje then reached across and pulled it out and pointed it at the drow. He said to her, "I'm not one of the best mapmakers around, I am the best. I've personally been to all of these areas, this forest included, and I've never seen a building at this spot. So, no, you must be mistaken." He then settled back down and slid the dagger into a compartment in the vest he was wearing.

    The drow heaved a sigh and said, "There's no use squabbling over this. I'm obviously not going to win this argument, but I do know what I'm talking about. Go ahead, don't go there. You'll never find Belroden." With the she stood up and started walking towards the door.

    (epic discussion, all leave, run into bandits, scare bandits away, get into town, harrased by guards, drow sees mini-dragon again and tails it. Rest of party go into tavern to get information)

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    I'm putting everything's character info here in a new post so I have it here xD

    Sariya :

    11 Tricks

    Size/Type : Large Magical Beast (Cold)
    HD : 26d10+78
    Initiative : +9
    Speed : 50 ft.
    AC : 40 (-1 size, +6 Dex, +25 Natural), touch 15, Flat footed 34
    Base Attack / Grapple : +26/+39
    Attacks : Bite +34 Melee (1d8+13 + 1d6 Cold)
    Space/reach : 10 ft./5ft.
    Special attacks : Breath Weapon, Freezing Bire, Trip
    Special : Darkvision 60 ft., Immune to Cold, Low-light Vision, Scent, Vulnerable to fire
    Saves : Fort , Ref , Will
    Abilities : Str 28, Dex 23, Con 16, Int 14, Wis 13, Cha 10
    Skills :
    Feats :
    Languages : Giant and Common

    "If you think things can’t get worse it’s probably only because you lack sufficient imagination."
    "If you cannot convince them, confuse them."
    "Maybe you're crazy for not talking to yourself >.>"

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