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    Which of the following do you think should be worth NAPs?

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    ! Nary Awesome Points system

    Post  Artemis on Wed Aug 25, 2010 11:15 pm

    Hello, Narians! I've been absent for a while due to unavoidable circumstances, but now that I'm solidly here again I'm going to be putting my all into Nary.

    The Nary Awesome Points system is one that the admins discussed a while back, but never finished the details on, and I'd like to see it up in action. As it will be your bonuses, I want your input on how to get them!

    What are NAPs you might be wondering? Simply put, it's the extra credit of the forum. By doing optional things, you can earn a few of these points, and save them up for use in a special Awesome Shop (suggestions welcome for prizes here, too, by the way; rare Pokémon and rare/valuable items are obvious prizes, but I'd like to see more variety here). People who post more and do more to advertise Nary, the ones who are more active and helpful, will get more points.

    Note that even if you do none of the NAP activities, you will not be disadvantaged -- Nary's wilderness is full of rare and unique Pokémon as well, and it's not too hard to find an event, giveaway, or special location that you can get prizes from, free of charge.

    Also, please leave a comment explaining why you think certain things should be worth points. Don't just click everything thinking WOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME POINTS EVERYWHERE because I'll just narrow it down myself if you all do that Wink

    (If I've done a bad job explaining anything, don't hesitate to ask for clarification)

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