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    Official Greeting Thread Empty Official Greeting Thread

    Post  Artemis on Fri Sep 10, 2010 4:11 pm


    I notice the forum is a little dead, and I take responsibility for that. Since the problem is both OOC and IC, I'll start by sprucing up the OOC with a thread besides a very legitimate annoyance about a lack of active staff.

    Thus, The OGT! Better acronymical thread titles welcome =P

    New? Say hi and tell us about yourself (no need for a life story, unless you just like sharing, I do love a good story myself)! Oldie? Make a post declaring your glorious return! It's a combination WELCOME CITIZENS and first day of school GETTING TO KNOW YOU place.

    First off, 'sup, yo, I am the latest head admin in a very long succession of admins, and have basically "adopted" Nary and become it's owner since the disappearance of the last owner. Call me Art, Artemis, Art'mis, Artie, Arty, Typo Queen (I apologize in advance, I do try my best to catch everything with Firefox's spellchecker), or any other name you can think of.

    A little about me, well if you don't know already I'm 21, graduating in the spring with a Philosophy BA and narrowing down my grad school picks. I am female (despite the impression I apparently give), from Florida/USA, which more importantly for figuring out when I'm awake means Eastern Standard Time.

    If you ever have a problem -- with other members, with a question about the site, with your dog eating your flash drive -- my inbox is open. Seriously for just about anything. Alternatively, email me at lirico_de_cristal@yahoo.com (man, bbc doesn't have a mailto function :|)

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