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    Nary Awesome Points system is GO!


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    Nary Awesome Points system is GO!

    Post  Artemis on Fri Sep 10, 2010 4:38 pm

    You may have noticed something popping up in your profile -- a new little line that says NAPs.

    These are your Nary Awesome Points, and they are a very cool thing. They're even automatically retroactive! Currently, the ways to get NAPs are somewhat limited as we test this feature and how the forum members respond to it.

    Making a new thread: +2 points
    Making a reply post: +1 points
    Ad bump page claim: +5 points

    Thread & post points are awarded in all forums except for News, Events, Guide to Nary, General Chat, Advertising, and the Game Corner. Points are bonuses for people participating in the RP, not for getting extra credit for saying "Sup" in the Gen Chat Wink

    Expect to see a NAPs shop soon! There is a thread still open in the Suggestion Box forum asking for input on prizes and ways to earn NAPs, don't forget to leave a comment there!

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