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    Post  Artemis on Thu May 06, 2010 2:55 pm

    As you all know, roleplaying is what this site is all about! But this page tells you the appropriate way to roleplay, so you can avoid any warnings, suspension, or deletion from the site, Pokemon Nary. I'm sure you wouldn't want that, now would you? Now, I need you to read carefully, so you can be 100% confident when you roleplay that you won't get into trouble. Got that? All right.

    Okay, so I'm sure you're familiar with roleplaying and what it is, because that's why you joined the site: To roleplay. Anyhow, this page explains what not to do, and what to do. First of all, if by any chance you do not know what a one-liner is, here is a prime example:

    Nicola caught the Oddish.

    See? It's very short and dull. I'll show you how to make it more exciting and nicer, so people can enjoy reading your posts before they reply to them. Now, a one-liner like that certainly needs improving. Here is a much improved example:

    Nicola caught the sleeping Oddish. She was so excited, she jumped into the air, then landed with a loud 'bump' on her bottom. She gave a moan but giggled, before releasing Oddish from its pokeball. The Oddish gave a small smile before trying to wriggle free. Nicola smelled the nice scent the Oddish carried, and felt the Oddish's soft leaves as she hugged her new pokemon. However she suddenly turned, hearing the footsteps of Danny, the fellow Dragon Pokemon Gym Leader in Soniku City. Nicola gave a shy smile, releasing the Oddish from her tight grasp. "Hi!" She exclaimed cheerfully.

    That is a much improved post. It contains what Nicola does, hears, feels, and sees, plus some specific details. And it has more then three lines. I want you to do the same, instead of dumb one-liners. Also, please remember that out of character (OOC) posts are the only posts you can make that can be one-liners.

    All right, so now you know what to roleplay, I'll show you another thing that you cannot do:

    Nicola caught the Oddish and saw Meg. She said, 'Hi!' and smiled shyly.

    You're probably thinking, "There is nothing wrong with this post. It's not a one-liner either." But, this post is not a full post. It only has two lines. I want three full lines, one like:

    Nicola caught the Oddish. She then saw Meg and said 'Hi!' She smiled shyly, putting Oddish on the ground.

    Voila! You just add a few words! See? Even though it doesn't include what Nicola hears, smells, feels, etc., this post is still acceptable. Thank you for listening. I hope you have a great time roleplaying here in Pokemon Nary, and remember to always check back here if your forget something about roleplaying on Pokemon Nary.

    P.S. I would also like to ask you to please spell correctly. It's very annoying when you talk like this: "hi mie nams nicla im a trinr! i luv pkmn." I recommend using an online dictionary and spellchecker when you do your posts if you have trouble spelling or are unsure of a word you are going to use.

    [This RP guide is credited to Nicola, the original owner]

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