A Pokémon roleplay set in the oddball Southern Nary region.

Event: Newly discovered Pokémon are lurking around Route One! What are you waiting for, go catch one!
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    Post  Artemis on Thu May 06, 2010 3:10 pm

    All new members start off with the following items.

    1x Starter Pokémon from the Lab

    1x Pokédex - Any Color - Contains all information on every Pokémon ever seen in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh.

    1x Poke Navigator (PokéNav) - Any Color

    1x PokéGear - Any Color - A phone in it, with a CD player (can have up to 5 CDs)

    1x Nary World Map - A detailed map of Nary

    1x Backpack - Any Color - Contains all of your items

    1x Badge Case - Any Color - A case to hold your Gym Badges in, and also a second compartment for Ribbons

    1x Two-geared Bicycle - First is a steady pace for maneuvering, the second is made for speed but harder to steer

    3,000x PokéDollars (P) - Money!

    5x PokéBalls - Used to catch Pokémon

    5x Rare Candies - Level Up a Pokémon by 1 Level

    5x Potions - Heal Pokémon by a small amount of HP and can be used on humans

    5x Level Up Balls - Levels the Pokémon you catch in this PokéBall by 1 level, also levels the Pokémon when/if it evolves. (A level 7 Totodile caught in this ball would become level 8, when it evolves to Croconaw at level 16 it would become level 17)

    2x Evolution Stones - Of your choice; fire, water, leaf, thunder, moon, sun, dawn, shiny, dusk, or oval.

    10x Berries - Plain berries. These heal a small amount of your Pokémon's health

    1x Item Finder - A machine that helps find items dropped on the ground

    1x Metal Detector - A machine designed to detect metallic objects underground and can also be used to find steel Pokémon

    1x PokéBall Belt - A belt designed to hold a maximum of 6 Pokémon

    1x Trainer Card - An ID card made specifically for each trainer. Holding a personal ID Number and other useful information

    1x Pokémon Watch (Pokétch) - With all the Poké-addons you can possibly imagine! From the berry tracker to the notepad

    1x Pokéchow, Pokéblock and Poffin case - Holds all the kinds of food your Pokémon could want


    Breeders instead get 2x Starter Pokémon, one of each gender of the species; 5x evolution stones; and 10x Pokéblocks of their choice.

    Watchers also get 1x Sketchpad that never runs out of paper..., 1x Camera and 1x set of paints, brushes, pencils, and crayons that never wears out or get used up.

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