A Pokémon roleplay set in the oddball Southern Nary region.

Event: Newly discovered Pokémon are lurking around Route One! What are you waiting for, go catch one!
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Off the Beaten Path

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Route One

Leading from the Lab to Marsh Town. One of the most active routes, as new trainers, watchers, and breeders are constantly setting off, you are sure to meet someone or find something to do. Nothing too tough yet, but plenty to see.
Pokémon: All
Up to: Level 15

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Lucifer What's this? New pokemon!
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Route Two

Leading from Marsh Town to Belle City. Now, this route is again full of all different types, though for the first time you will see some more than others. Not quite as busy as Route One, but still lots of wild pokémon to see and catch if nothing else, and they've gotten stronger. It's better to move on to the city if you're looking for a lot of activity, however.
Pokémon: Ground, Normal
Up to: Level 25

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Route Three

Leading from Belle City to Mauve Village. This route is full of Electric pokémon, some Flying types and not many others. Getting tougher right? Right! There are tales of one particular pokémon roosting here. An electric type bird hidden way deep into the heart of the large forest... Very good tale. Too bad I don't have the time to tell it you.
Pokémon: Electric, Flying
Up to: Level 35

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Route Four

Leading from Mauve Village to Rike City. Full of fields and such, there are a whole lot of grass and bug types around. There are a few normal pokémon once in a while, but none other than those. There isn't too much of a tale to this route... Except rumours that an old man live sin the area with a mysteriously intimate knowledge of certain legendary pokémon...
Pokémon: Bug, Grass, Poison
Up to: Level 45

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Route Five

Leading from Rike City to Onitaco Town. The mix of this route is quite odd really. Half the route is filled with water and ice pokémon, the other half electric and fire types; a fight of the elements. There are often disasters of war around here. Don't get dragged into the fight or you risk getting seriously hurt. Not all the pokémon enjoy the constant battling though.
Pokémon: Water, Ice, Fire, Grass
Up to: Level 55

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Route Six

Leading from Onitaco Town to Mobious Village. So you’ve reached here at last have you? Make sure you don’t run into a skarmory in a bad mood, or an onix building a tunnel… otherwise there will be trouble. Nonetheless you might be able to find quite a lot of strong partners here on this route in particular -- where else can one find these tough types all in one place? Nowhere!
Pokémon: Rock, Steel, Fighting
Up to: Level 65

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Route Seven

Leading from Mobious Village to Soniku City. Interestingly, this route is constantly hidden beneath heavy clouds. No matter what the weather is anywhere else this place is always very dark and covered in thick fog, often so thick that you could quite easily cut a chunk out of it using a knife. It's a very evil little place indeed.
Pokémon: Psychic, Dark, Ghost
Up to: Level 75

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Route Eight

Leading from Soniku City to Alubay Village. Route Eight can be quite a good place to hang around for a while, full of a variety of the strongest pokémon. Not many trainers make it this far. This is an advantage for those who do, since many pokémon have turned to seek refuge upon this route away from trainers. So when or if you get here, there will be plenty of pokémon waiting for you to battle and capture!
Pokémon: All
Up to: Level 85

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Route Nineteen

Leading from Belle City to Alubay Village. Permission from a Professor at the Lab must be obtained before you are allowed to travel here. The long distance is covered by a ferry that leaves port once a week, one from each. Enjoy the easy trip or stir up some trouble, whichever you prefer. The pokémon in the sea are relatively strong if you need some more water pokémon on your team.
Pokémon: Water, Ice
Up to: Level 50

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Route Twenty

Leading to the Elite City. Like Route 19, only those with a special pass are able to brave this route and the guards won't mess around. The entire thing is underground, stretching the entire length of Nary if you travelled the whole length. Packed with all sorts of cave-dwelling pokémon of course, and there are rumours of dragons congregating here as well.
Pokémon: Dragon
Levels: Up to 100


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