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    Safari Park Info Empty Safari Park Info

    Post  Kali on Sun May 09, 2010 9:11 am

    Operating Hours are Monday thru Saturday, 6:00am-3:00pm and 6:00pm-3:00am. Hey, Safari workers like breaks too.

    In the middle of a giant field sits a large two-story log building, its bright-green-tiled roof blending it into the landscape. A tall slatted fence, white of course, extends for miles from either side of the building, encompassing acres and acres and acres of land that wild pokémon are allowed to roam on. In order to help maintain all this land and care for the pokémon should they get sick or injured in a territory fight, for example, the Park's gate is open for trainers willing to pay a small fee to be able to go out and catch a few pokémon for themselves.

    Upon entering the front doors, trainers find themselves in a cheerful lobby with comfy, well-worn couches and lounge chairs surrounding a cable television that broadcasts pokémon reports 24/7. Informative (and a few not-so-informative) magazine racks and bookcases of encyclopedic knowledge are found pushed against the walls, although these don't look quite as used as the furniture. Most trainers don't linger, going straight to the main desk to drop off most of their pokémon with the clerk in exchange for 20 Safari Balls. The Safari Park wants to be sure that the wild pokémon aren't provoked. Instead of battling, trainers must throw a safari ball and cross their fingers or toss rocks or food to see if that helps, however they may bring 1 pokémon for protection.

    Upstairs is mostly an observation deck. Only a few trainers are usually allowed in the park at a time, so those waiting or those who accompanied friends here can watch from above. Binoculars are free for both those in the park and those observing, provided they are returned before you leave. There are more couches scattered around, as well as a table with pamphlets giving detailed statistics about what pokémon can be found in each of the Safari Park's thirteen zones.

    What are these zones, you'd like to know?

    1. Grassland
    2. Swamp
    3. Jungle
    4. Wooded Forest
    5. Deep Lake
    6. Tundra
    7. Mountain
    8. Desert
    9. Savannah
    10. Dark Cave

    11. Seashore
    12. Coral Reef
    13. Ocean Floor

    The expanse of land owned by the Safari Park is so vast that it does indeed border the ocean, although to reach these last three zones trainers must pay an extra 50p for either scuba or boat and fishing rental.

    The clerks up front are happy to help people decide what time to go out and which zone to start in based on what kind of Pokémon they'd like to catch. It's not required that you tell them, but if you aren't starting in Zone 1, they can have the shuttle bus save you a trip and take you to the right Zone. Now, get out there and catch some pokémon!

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