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    The Fox and Her Hound.


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    The Fox and Her Hound. Empty The Fox and Her Hound.

    Post  Kali on Sun May 09, 2010 9:19 am

    Stars speckled the sky, not that they could be seen in the vibrant little town that marked the first travel destination of many new trainers.

    For the older ones, well, the town was nothing special and the sky just as unimportant as the NPCs ambling to and fro in the cooling twilight. It was those pesky characters that had cheery little writers you had to follow if you wanted to see anything exciting.

    And it was just those characters that sought to escape from the extraordinary and blend in.

    That was difficult to do when Kali had been the gym leader of Mobious Town for a couple of years. She couldn't avoid running into traveling townspeople or even the occasional fan or rival. So a polite ruse was put on and inquiries into her plans in the town were met with a mysterious smile and a tiny lie. As far as anyone was concerned she was calling on an old friend for drinks at a local place; in reality she didn't have any business in the town. None that she cared for people to know about, at least.

    Separating from the latest person she recognized from her town, she took off down the street; with an Abra's pokeball tucked away inside a little purse, she could just as easily spend the night in her own bed as she could staying at some local place here. Her hair was curled softly and a little red rose lay tucked behind one ear; Kali was really a sexy little thing all around, but when she did dress herself up it was quite eye-catching. With a good pair of heels and a short halter dress of sultry crimson she was perfectly innocuous.

    There was something so misleading about a dress; no one creeping about at night who wanted to do any unsavory business would be wandering about like that. How impractical. Well, she wasn't planning on doing anything too impractical, that much could be gleaned by her attire. It was perfect for wandering about and making little observations at one place or another. Towns like this, where many people passed through, had tons of information. Most of it was nonsense and silly personal drama, but over the course of a day she was picking up little rumors as she went along.

    A small arrangement with Cyril had occurred an hour before to keep her story intact, and she'd parted ways from the cheery redhead as soon as she was able. He'd reminded her that it was foolish for a young lady as lovely as herself to wander alone in the night, but like any independent woman she could've cared less. All the same, a purse was not the easiest way to access her pokemon in the event of trouble, so a handsome companion walked beside her. Head held aloft, the scarred Houndour padded besides Kali as though he were a much more powerful Houndoom. The leathery wings that sprouted from his back drew some attention, but that was to end abrutly as a detour was made.

    Kali had ducked into the Garden as she disentangled herself from the conversation with that last villager. She'd never been inside the hedged walls before, and there was no better time than now to investigate. Her heels clicked softly on the cobblestone path but she felt no need to take them off and hide her presence completely, as she hadn't encountered anyone besides a couple and a few kids that looked to be out past their bedtime.

    Her direction was towards the center, though she wasn't quite there yet as she paused at a smaller fountain and settled on the edge. Crossing one leg over the other, she glanced up to the sky and was a little surprised to see all the stars that came into view now that she was away from the village lights. Beside her the hound had settled quietly onto his haunches, ears perked and eyes alert.

    OoC: I couldn't help myself. Too inspired tonight. I didn't want to post in the Garden board itself, but that's the location.

    Reverie, Ludovico Einaudi. Listen to him if you haven't! This is one of his calmer songs. I'll be posting more with some of his others at a later point in time. This is open to everyone and anyone. Very Happy


    Fool me once.

    A growlithe darted among the scenery, spotted easily by the few visitors who were looking about them as it slipped around corners only to reappear minutes later in the exact same place. Its snowy fur was brightly lit by the lights of the night, and if it paused long enough to notice and turn its gaze upon a watcher, its sapphire eyes were worth taking note of themselves.

    The puppy -- a wild young thing -- eventually tired of its dance around the earth and lapsed into slow silence. Only the eyes, sharp as knives, showed how very awake it was as it spiraled in towards the fountain as if it was some kind of secret base in its puppy game. Not even the drifting scent of another dog could distract the growlithe from its objective, though it paused several times to check if there was still a houndour in the area. It could chase it out later, it thought vaguely, keeping its eyes on the prize.


    The growlithe, apparently so named, paused and twitched its ears at the name. It quickly estimated the owner's whereabouts and padded onward slowly, checking around each bend and obstacle lest it be surprised.

    "Faust," the voice commanded.

    Faust had no interest in the approaching footsteps. Caught with no shrubbery or statuary nearby quite large enough to hide him entirely, Faust made a run for it across the open square; the growlithe glanced aside at the houndour seated, preventing it from hiding around the fountain itself, and when it turned back it was halted by the sight of its master walking up the path. Aware its number was up, it slunk around and placed itself at Lucifer's heels, awaiting the trainer to move so it could follow.

    The man didn't turn immediately. He had settled his attention on the unusually well-dressed visitor to his town full of fresh trainers with jeans and tees. His town, yes, and his gardens, the way he saw it. He smiled lightly, and inclined his head in her direction.

    "Good evening." Glancing behind to assure himself Faust knew his place, Lucifer tracked over the way the growlithe had come; a direct-ish path to one of the multiple exits. The muscles in his jaw tightened as he turned his head slightly to add a second comment on his way by. "Pardon our intrusion."

    Fool me twice.


    All things considered, it was a nice night.

    The decision to check the place out was a good one, or so it seemed to the gym leader as she dangled a heel off her crossed foot loosely. It wasn't often she had a chance to relax, and being interrupted was not too likely, given that it was growing later and the sparse encounters she'd had. So back to the skyline he gaze went, while her Hounder had his attention focused on the landscape. One of the two could relax, but never both. It was better that way, the pokemon decided, catching a faint scent in the air. So long as the other inhabitants of the place kept their business to themselves, he wouldn't have a problem.

    A flash of white caught his attention, and he stiffened. His trainer certainly didn't care to fathom what others were up to at this moment nor what that Growlithe was doing here; a cursory look was shot up at her, but the woman hadn't changed her position to leave just yet.

    Hounder was rather statuesque, though an ear swiveled around to pay attention to the new arrivals and whilst one was left to the other surroundings. His dark eyes were fixed on them unflinchingly, tracking their movements. This canine in particular did not have an overwhelming urge to torch anyone or anything that came within a few feet of his owner unlike another of Kali's favored pokemon. He was more or less a leader, prone to a calm and patient demeanor. So it was that the canine did nothing to alert his companion to their company,

    She hadn't noticed right away, making a leisure time of drawing her gaze from the visible stars to the man who greeted her. "It's fine." She was aware he'd taken over leadership of Marsh Town so she wasn't entirely surprised to find him there. Of course, it would probably have been better if she stayed silent and went about her stargazing or whatever it was she pondering, but she was a woman and woman rarely only said a couple of words to someone they knew. So she angled her body towards Lucifer and offered an amiable smile.

    "Have a busy night ahead of you?" Delano ruffled his wings, somewhat more alert when the trainer's words weren't directed to him. "This is a lovely place."


    Lucifer nodded along at Kali's words unprepared, having not quite expected a conversation to develop, though perhaps he should have. That's what happens when a person talks to another person, after all.

    "Not tonight. There's a lull in work right now that I was going to take advantage of, but Faust had other plans for me." he had often tried, to no avail, to deduce why one of the few pokémon he had left was one that wanted nothing to do with him. Faust certainly hadn't stayed out of loyalty like he might believe his other two would. Continuing on. He looked over the gardens with a vague sense of pride.

    "I am inclined to think so myself. I am glad it suits you."

    While Lucifer worked on remembering how that whole social interaction thing goes after being essentially locked in his house or office or wandering alone, Faust was edging forward, taking a little step there, two baby steps here. His throat rumbled quietly while he made slow progress towards Delano. And the female, but she wasn't any more interesting than Lucifer. Delano was a challenge, and Faust did not back down a challenge.

    Lifting his head up he checked Lucifer's attention. The trainer did not look back at him. Hmm. Emboldened, he continued creeping forward, giving the houndour a cocky canine grin. Faust could take him. You know, if he wanted to start something. Faust was ready. Punk.

    Ignoring the advancing growlithe; he hadn't actively done anything yet to be reprimanded for; Lucifer returned Kali's inquiry. "I take it you are free tonight yourself?"

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    Post  Kali on Sun Oct 03, 2010 8:18 pm

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