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    Post  Artemis on Wed Dec 08, 2010 6:41 pm

    Alright guys.

    Nary was my life for many years. Since joining, I've graduated high school, gotten engaged and gotten it broken off, applied to graduate school, been employed solidly for several summers, developed carpal tunnel, and many other events.

    And Nary's been there through it all, and through it all I have met some amazing people, all of whom I still am very fond of and respect.

    But after exchanging admins and locations several times, multiple plots and endless fun, I need to be fair and admit that I, too, must leave Nary. And I think it's time Nary was put to rest.

    None of the staff have time to maintain the website, and I know that I, at least, have burned out on my muse. Will Nary ever be revived to thrive again? I don't know. Maybe in a couple years, one weekend I'll look at Nary and think, "You know what? I miss this," and breathe life back into it.

    For now, however, I think it would be unfair to continue leaving Pokemon Nary in limbo. It's time to close Nary, guys, and find new places for muses to frolick and adventures to unfold. And maybe one day, if and when you get homesick for this crazy place, you could email me too, and I'll come with you to revisit this home of ours.

    Peace and love,


    Signing out.

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