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    The New Adventure: Levi's Epilogue.

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    The New Adventure: Levi's Epilogue. Empty The New Adventure: Levi's Epilogue.

    Post  Levi Ebony on Wed Jul 14, 2010 5:18 pm

    Today was the day. The day that Levi would begin his new adventure down Route One. He stayed up all night wondering what it would be like and where the road would take him. He also wondered if he would ever find his friend Kanti. The letter she sent him hinted that she would be on Route One and he desperately hoped she would be there long enough for him to find her. It was very early in the morning still, only about 6am, but it didn't bother Levi. He knew that he would feel the lack of sleep kick in later that day but as of right now it was the thing farthest from his mind.

    After a quick breakfast he flew into his room, scanning the cluttered floor for whatever seemed the slightest bit clean. He found a yellow t-shirt, since most of his shirts were either orange, red, or yellow, that had a orange swirl in the middle and a red collar. Finding the shirt flashy and kind of ugly, he stripped it off and tossed it back to the floor. His second choice was much better, a red shirt with his favorite band on the front. He then put on his favorite jeans and his white and blue slip on's.. Levi couldn't help but feel something was missing. "Hm..this doesn't feel right," Levi thought aloud. With a snap of his fingers he gabbed a dark brown vest with a single yellow stripe down the sides and a thick orange stripe across the back. He was ready to go and he couldn't wait to get started.

    After a prolonged goodbye, pleading, and nagging of his mother he grabbed his backpack and slung it over his shoulders. It was his favorite, a faded orange color with a red sun in the center of it. He fastened his belt securely around his waist and made his way out the door. He stopped on the porch for a minute and gazed admiringly at the rising sun. Levi hopped on his bike after giving a last goodbye to his mother and then made his way from his house. Levi never felt so free for a long, long time.

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