A Pokémon roleplay set in the oddball Southern Nary region.

Event: Newly discovered Pokémon are lurking around Route One! What are you waiting for, go catch one!
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    Post  Artemis on Thu May 06, 2010 3:24 pm

    Here are the rules and penalties. They are pretty simple rules, so you shouldn't have too hard of a time keeping out of trouble.

    1. No Godmoding - Godmoding or godmodding means making yourself perfect and unbeatable. So, no godmoding means no invincibility and no flawless characters. You win some, you lose some, as the saying goes.

    2. No Powerplaying - Do not control other people's actions. For example: "Bob's cyndaquil hit Tom's scyther with flamethrower, instantly KO'ing scyther." This is bad. "Bob's cyndaquil shot a superhot flamethrower attack at Tom's scyther. Bob crossed his fingers hoping it would hit." This is good. Simply put: You're you, we're us. Don't get them mixed up. Let us have our own turn to play.

    3. Rating - PG-13 (or local equivalent). Keep swearing to a minimum, no outright gory fights though some violence is allowed, and if relationships get past the light kissing stage we probably don't want to see it.

    4. Language - As stated above, don't be swearing every other word. Also, Nary is in English. English includes proper use of capitalization and punctuation. l337, Rot13, French, binary, and so forth are not English. Occasional dialogue or coded messages excepted.

    5. Three Sentences - Easy. One-liners aren't allowed. There usually isn't enough there to give someone else something to respond to. At a minimum, all posts must have three sentences. See Nicola's RP Help if you have trouble reaching this minimum.

    6. Pokémon - All 493 Pokémon can be found in Nary, although you'll have to work a little harder to find some of them. Pokémon have a level limit of 100 and can learn as many moves as you want to teach them. Captured Pokémon should list their species, level, gender, and attacks, along with anything else you want. Example: Charmander, 15, Male, Scratch-Growl-Tail Whip-Ember. Some people like to get detailed, some don't. Serebii.net can help you with stats and a lot of other things.

    7. No Impersonation - Impersonating another member or even an ex-member will get your account immediately deleted. If it happens again, you will be banned. Never pretend to be someone you're not. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule.

    8. Accounts* - Narians may have up to 5 characters, excluding NPCs. These characters should all be listed on separate accounts, unless they are partners or a group that always travels together. Please only have as many characters as you can realistically keep active, or some of them may be deleted.

    9. Unobtained - Do not add items or Pokémon to your account that you have not paid for, caught, been gifted publicly, or otherwise earned. It will be noticed. It's not that hard to get things the legit way, after all, so just behave.

    10. Character Restrictions - Pokémorphs are not currently allowed on Nary. Your characters should all be either wild Pokémon (in which case you will want to include their stats in the application) or a human being. Also, your cannot have a job until you've cleared it with an admin (it's a pretty simple process, 99.999% of the time it goes about like so: "Can I be an X?" "Sure -click- You are now listed on the board as an X!")

    11. Activity - Members are expected to be posting regularly and logging in to do so, as well as to check their inboxes and read the announcements. Members will be contacted after one month of not logging in, and deleted after two months of not logging in, unless they have made a notice that they will be gone for an extended period of time.

    12. Avatars and signatures - If you choose to upload an avatar, please note that all the same rules apply regarding language and content, and also keep in mind that our size limitation is 180x180 pixels. Keep signature sizes reasonable; if the sig area takes up more than the post area, you're doing it wrong.

    13. Profiles - When you register, PLEASE use your character's name (or at least a character's if you have a travelling set). You must fill out your profile, on the Logs board, your User CP character sheet, or both, before you are allowed to post in-character.

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